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Free Pregnancy Tests, Preconception Counseling and Coaching, Infertility, PCOS


Prenatal Care, Nutritional Counseling, Laboratory Tests, Physician referral or consultation when needed


Home Birth, Water Birth, VBAC


Postpartum Care, Breastfeeding Support and Counseling, Postpartum Depression, Well Woman Care, Wellness Coaching, Nutritional Counseling, Natural Family Planning


Wonderful People!!

I’ve never felt so much love and care from a healthcare professional. I’d highly recommend Kristin to anyone.

We Love LifeSong!

Our family is very blessed to be under the care of the midwives with LifeSong Midwifery. I have received excellent care with Kristin and Deborah. Throughout my last pregnancy, and now my current pregnancy, Kristin and Deborah have been encouraging, helpful, knowledgeable, and supportive. I am thankful for all they do to make home birth and enjoyable and safe way to welcome our babies.

My First and BEST choice!

Deborah and Kristin give a very welcoming and warm introduction to themselves, which is a great beginning working with them as midwives. They are genuinely concerned with you, your health, and your baby. Their training and knowledge are fantastic resources when you have questions or concerns. I appreciate very much how, when at times I was concerned, they would focus me back to being calm and distressing overall. What a vital way to prepare for delivery.

Most Highly Recommended!

The care I received from the midwife, Kristin, in LifeSong Midwifery was truly exceptional. She gave thorough attention to every prenatal and postpartum appointment, which exceeded the care received by any of my pregnant peers. The birth of my child could not have gone any smoother. She is extremely knowledgable in the field, professional, and has a beautiful love and passion for her work with mothers and babies. I am indebted to LifeSong and so grateful for having been recommended by a friend.

Highly Recommended.

My pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience truly exceeded my expectations and I believe I have LifeSong Midwifery to thank for that. The one main thing that I admire about LifeSong is their ability to love. Kristin is the kind who, when she walks into the room, you feel so incredibly loved, brings you to tears even! To me, she is like a second mom in my life.


I am so very pleased and blessed by my choice to go with LifeSong Midwifery! Deborah, Betsy, and Kristin are all very knowledgable and wonderful people. The staff is also extremely pleasant. They made my home water birth a beautiful experience. All of them show a passion and love for what they do. Making the experience by far the best way to go in bringing a new bundle of joy into the world. Thank you all at LifeSong for making it an unforgettably awesome journey!!

Wonderful First Impression

I met Kristin after having multiple hospital births with which I was unhappy. I wasn’t sure I would be able to have the home birth I wanted due to my past complications and medical issues. Kristin was very warm, welcoming, and treated my little ones like people who mattered. She understood the things I had gone through and told me that when I become pregnant again she would love to be our midwife! It was such a relief! Thank you, Kristin!

Most Wonderful MidWife

I would recommend LifeSong MidWifery to anyone looking for a midwife. Kristin is the sweetest and most caring person I’ve ever met and, on top of that, she’s extremely qualified and good at her job. I felt very secure during my labor and knowing that my baby would be perfectly fine.

Would Highly Recommend Kristin

I would highly recommend Kristin as a midwife. She is extremely knowledgable, thorough, kind, and gentle. You can tell she loves her job and being with moms and babies. During the birth of our son, she was non-instructive with the natural process of birth, while keeping a close eye on me and monitoring the situation closely. Afterwards, she took the time to make sure we were both settled, happy and stable. She took the time to explain what she was doing. And her birth team left the house clean.

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